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After missing for 5 days, a Utah man shares survival story

Kaden Laga attempted to use his iPhone to start a fire.
Posted at 7:48 PM, Aug 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-18 15:21:43-04

We are learning more about how the Utah man is healing after going missing in the remote Idaho wilderness for five days.

Kaden Laga was separated from his family while on a horseback trip on Sunday, Aug. 11. The family says he went missing in the Selway Wilderness west of Twin Lakes.

In a Facebook post, the family explains Laga attempted to start a fire by taking apart his iPhone. They also share a picture of Laga’s boots which show wear and tear of hiking in the remote forest.

“Kaden (and I) have been resting and reconnecting since returning and he’s doing great. We are expecting some physical and emotional abnormalities to start showing up in the next few days,” explains Arden Laga.

“We had planned a trip to Hawaii four months ago that we are still planning to take to help us rest, reconnect and take things easy.”

Early Friday morning, Laga walked into one of the camps set up for his search and rescue in an Idaho Wilderness area.

On Saturday, he thanked everyone across the nation for the support and prayers. He added he is happy to be alive.

The family will be donating all leftover supplies and food back to the community.

Laga, 25, plans on sharing more of his experience in a group interview on Sunday. Stay with KPAX online for the latest.