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Arts & Education: Young Missoula students taking part in play

Posted at 11:46 AM, Mar 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-07 13:47:57-05

MISSOULA – We head over to Lewis and Clark Elementary School for this Arts and Education report where the students there are stepping out of their comfort zones and into the spotlight.

The students are working on a musical production of Tondo, an African based play put on by the first and second grade students at Lewis and Clark Elementary School.

“We sing, we have kids playing instruments.  Sometimes they are accompanying the songs, sometimes they sing without the instruments.  So it is a multimedia production,” said Music Specialist Dorothy Morrison.

Now, many of us have trouble or get nervous when we have to get up in front of an audience.  So as you would imagine, many of the students had a few butterflies before they took the stage.

However, a play like this — early in life — can give these kids valuable skills to take with them well beyond the classroom

“This is a huge builder of self-confidence and kids come in and they’ve got the nerves, but they rise to the occasion,” Morrison said.

“And they realize they can do it.  Some of them even shine and get more dramatic with an audience in front of them.  Some of them get more shy, so they find out a lot about themselves, it’s self-discovery,” she concluded.