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Arts & Education: Student art show returns to the Southgate Mall

Posted at 10:17 AM, May 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-02 12:17:57-04

MISSOULA – If you have plans to head to the Southgate Mall any time soon you’ll notice a few new items on display.

The Southgate Mall is playing host to the 2019 Missoula County Public School Art Show until May 19.

When walking through, you will notice the entire mall is filled with unique, creative and very different works of art, where each school could choose what they wanted to create.

“We did some Egyptian artwork on metal floral, where the kids created their own nameplate,” explained Meadow Hill Middle School art teacher Robin Gray.

“My sixth, seventh and eighth graders created this dragon scene…and they just used a balloon to start and Paper Mache. They we also able to use all kinds of metallic paints and then decorate them accordingly,” Washington Middle School art teacher Angela Schowengerdt said.

Southgate Mall Art Show
The Southgate Mall is playing host to the 2019 Missoula County Public School Art Show until May 19. (MTN News photo)

One of the displays you will be sure to notice is a nature scene showing the full beauty we are so lucky to enjoy here in Montana. And one of the unique things about it is that the piece was a collaboration by all of the Missoula County Public Schools

“The bears were done by fifth graders at Lewis and Clark, the fish by fifth graders at Paxson, the foxes by second graders at Paxson, the flowers by fifth graders at Chief Charlo and the trees were constructed by kindergartners at all nine of the schools,” MCPS art teacher Monica Thompson told MTN News.

All the art that you’ll see displayed at the mall was produced and created by Missoula County elementary and middle school students — along with 15 other schools that surround Missoula. It’s an event that teachers and student look forward to all year.

“Just incredible works of art here that the community looks very forward to having us represent out students,” Gray said. “And it just enhances and promotes the arts in Missoula; it’s a big community of art. So we love showing here and we appreciate it so much. ”