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British TV Star Takes 1,200-Mile Road Trip To Haul Supplies To Ukrainian Refugees

British TV Star Takes 1,200-Mile Road Trip To Haul Supplies To Ukrainian Refugees
Posted at 7:55 AM, Mar 17, 2022

Martin Roberts is a British author and TV and radio personality, host of “Homes Under the Hammer.” Recently, however, he became a hero to some and an example to many.

The news and images of families leaving for Poland as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine made a deep impression on Roberts. He saw the needs of the people, primarily women and children, who had left virtually everything behind seeking safety, and decided to do something about it. He immediately made plans to drive the 1,260 miles in his personal van to the border of Ukraine and Poland.

Although the DIY expert initially stocked up on supplies at Costco himself — with help from fans when he couldn’t buy enough limited items like a children’s medicine called Calpol — plans quickly changed. In a video he posted to Twitter, Roberts explained that a humanitarian group asked if he would be part of a convoy delivering donated items they wanted to get to the front lines. He picked up supplies at their warehouse before embarking on his mission.

“Thank you for all your kind messages after my Costco experience. They meant the world. Things have moved on. Quite dramatically. Please join me on a very special trip,” tweeted Roberts.

The 58-year-old actor carrying supplies including almost $52,000 in medical items, diapers, feminine products and comforting gifts. He traveled from Bournemouth on England’s south coast to France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland.

While approaching the potential destination in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, Roberts said they were warned that it might be too dangerous to continue. He was heading to a site less than 15 miles from a site bombed the previous day. However, he explained in a video he shared on social media that he was determined to continue.

“I’m filled with purpose but a certain amount of trepidation,” Roberts wrote. “I’m sure I’m going to see things that break my heart. And I’m going just 20km away from where they bombed yesterday. But I have a job to do.”

Fortunately, the convoy arrived safely at a makeshift refugee camp right on the border on March 14, and Roberts said other supplies would be taken over the border to Lviv by contacts in the region. Roberts shared a moving photo of a young girl holding a teddy bear on Twitter.

“I’ve just had the chance to put toys in to the hands of children who have lost everything. This picture breaks my heart in to tiny pieces, but I wanted to share it to reassure you that from what I’ve seen today, all the donations and kindness IS making it to those who need it,” tweeted Roberts.

All told, the five-country trip took 1,260 miles and 25 hours of driving, Roberts said. During the trip he also consumed 427 candies (called wine gums) and eight cans of Red Bull. He expressed gratitude for the encouragement from fans.

What a selfless gesture!

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