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Busch Is Brewing A Turkey-Flavored ‘beer’ For Dogs For Thanksgiving

Busch Is Brewing A Turkey-Flavored ‘beer’ For Dogs For Thanksgiving
Posted at 9:55 AM, Nov 10, 2022

After selling out their turkey brew in just 24 hours in 2020, Busch Light is once again helping your furry friend celebrate the holiday season with a new flavor of their dog-friendly beer.

The new Turkey Flavored Busch Dog Brew is an all-natural drink for dogs and contains fresh ingredients like bone-in turkey, sweet potato, sweet basil, peppermint leaves, turmeric and ginger. The drink is not only a nutritious and tasty treat, but it also helps to promote a healthy digestive system — which should be beneficial if they help with any holiday clean-up like eating all the food that’s accidentally dropped on the floor during Thanksgiving dinner.

The cans feature turkeys and the image of Kira, a 3-year-old rescue pup from Perham, Minnesota, who was chosen after Busch Light held a contest earlier this year.

You can order a four-pack of the newest flavor of Busch Dog Brew from Shop Beer Gear for $15. The flavor will only be around for a limited time while supplies last, so you’ll want to make sure you order soon.


If your pup isn’t a fan of turkey, you can also order the original Busch Light dog brew, which is pork flavored, or find a handful of dog-friendly beers from the brand Good Boy Dog Beer.

All-natural and non-alcoholic, Good Boy Dog Beer was created by Megan and Steve Long when their 9-year-old dog began to have digestive issues. The brew comes in four different dog-friendly flavors — pork, chicken, veggie and peanut — with names like IPA Lot In The Yard, Mailman Malt Licker, Session Squirrel and Crotch Sniffin’ Ale.

Good Boy Dog Beer

If you’d rather enjoy a glass of wine with your furry friend, you can find both dog and cat wine from Apollo Peak.

Priced between $10-$15, cat flavors include Pinot Meow, Catbernet, Moscato, White Kittendel, Meowgarita and Purrsecco. Dog flavors include ZinfanTail Salmon, CharDOGnay Salmon and Doge Rose.

Apollo Peak

Will you be drinking some beer or wine with your furry friends this holiday?

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