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This Cat Bed Shaped Like Big Garlic Bulb Is Adorable

This Cat Bed Shaped Like Big Garlic Bulb Is Adorable
Posted at 10:30 AM, Jun 28, 2021

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After they survived the past year of spending every day with you hanging out in their typically solitary space, your cat deserves to be spoiled. What better way to do that than by hooking them up with a comfy new bed?

While many pet beds are more about function than style, we recently found one online that’s pretty much guaranteed to make you smile every time you glance at it.

The bed — which will fit felines or toy-sized dogs — looks like a big bulb of garlic. But the design goes a step further and includes some adorable faces on several of the “cloves” for added whimsy.


The details are what make this bed so adorable. From the green tips at the top around the stem to the way the opening fastens shut with a hard-to-see-button, it was designed to get your visitors talking while keeping your furry friend cozy.


The cushion in the middle is removable, as you can see in the photo above, making it easy to wash without having to throw the whole bed into the machine. The bottom also has non-slip pads, so it can stay anchored on wooden floors or other slick surfaces, like a desk. It measures roughly 21 inches by 21 inches.

Amazon has the bed selling for less than $60 from Balacoo, but we also found it for sale from different websites at varying prices. The online pet store, Love Me Hooman, has it for a few dollars below the Amazon price — $56.90 as of publication time. You can also find the bed at Etsy from seller LocalStory for $60 on the dot.

If garlic isn’t really your style, but you want a stylish place for your kitty to curl up in, there’s a pineapple-shaped bed that is perfect for summer snoozes.

You have to admit, that’s pretty sweet!

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