Fan Bingbing announces split with fiance Li Chen

Posted at 11:12 AM, Jun 27, 2019

Chinese superstar actress Fan Bingbing announced that she has split with her fiancé of two years, Li Chen.

Li, 40, is a Chinese actor and director. The celebrity couple starred together in the 2014 Chinese television series “The Empress of China,” in which Fan played the only female emperor in the country’s history, Wu Zetian. Li played a general named Li Mu.

The pair announced they were dating on social media in May 2015, and the two got engaged in 2017.

Both issued statements on Thursday on their respective Weibo accounts.

“We experience all types of farewells during our lives,” Fan, 37, wrote. “I’m thankful for everything — the support and love — you’ve given me. Thank you for the concern and love that you will give me in the future.”

The actress continued, “We’re no longer ‘us,’ but we’re still us.”

Li shared Fan’s post and also wrote a sweet note.

“From friends to lovers, and back to friends. The way we express our affections may change, but our the purest feelings will never change, our mutual trust and support is eternal.”

He also echoed Fan’s post, writing, “We’re no longer ‘us,’ but we’re still us.”

Fan returned to the public eye in late April after dropping out of sight for almost a year following a massivetax evasion scandal.