If you think this week was bad, just wait…

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jul 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-19 19:31:31-04

This week started with the furor caused by President Donald Trump’s racist tweets urging four Democratic congresswoman of color to go back to where they’re from. (In the case of three of the four that would mean going back to, uh, America.)

With the middle of the week came chants of “Send her back!” — aimed at Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, a naturalized US citizen who was born in Somalia — during a Trump rally in North Carolina.

We closed the week with Trump first suggesting that he had barely heard the chants and quickly moved on (neither of which is true!) and then, when asked whether he was unhappy with the chants, offering this response: “No, you know what I’m unhappy with — the fact that a congresswoman can hate our country.”

Not good. But consider this: It’s July 19, 2019. There are 473 days before Election Day 2020. Or 15 months and 15 days, for you nerds out there.

In short: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

While I struggle to imagine how Trump can go any lower in terms of his weaponized racial appeals, it’s hard to imagine that all of this doesn’t get worse — MUCH worse — as voters begin to start paying more attention and make decisions about which candidate they will support.

Trump has shown — this week and repeatedly during the 2016 campaign and his time in the White House — that there is no bottom here. There is nowhere he will not go if he thinks it helps his chances of winning.

The Point: Judging by how this campaign has started, it has all the makings of the nastiest race anyone has ever seen.

And now, the whirlwind week in 21 headlines.






See you next week!