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Arts and Education: A new way to look at science

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Posted at 10:57 AM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 12:57:20-04

MISSOULA — We headed over to Lewis and Clark Elementary School for this Arts and Education report where they are focusing in a whole new way on science.

The second grade science class doesn’t look like your typical science class -- because it’s not. It’s an arts integration lesson mixing science and photography.

“So, we are going to start out the class with a slide show where I show them different qualities we are going to be looking for in the garden,” explained Arts Integration educator Lulu Delphine.

“Then we are going to go out in the garden and do a photographic scavenger hunt where they seek out those qualities and take photos,” she added. “They can learn about looking at things and capturing them in different ways. And connect with the garden.”

A a class like this can have multiple benefits for these students.

One, it offers them a different learning style, where they can take the knowledge, they learn in the classroom an put it to work outside of school. Secondly, it challenges them by allow them to work and learn multiple subjects.

“They are learning about two different subjects at the same time, and those two subjects are informing each other. I feel like that is how the world is,” Delphine said.

“Things are multi-disciplinary now. So, I am really excited to introduce them to a whole new way of thinking, like, oh how do these things overlap, how do these things inform each other and things like that,” she concluded.