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Arts & Education: Missoula students learning about filmmaking

Posted: 2:13 PM, Jan 30, 2020
Updated: 2020-01-30 16:17:31-05
Arts and Ed Film Making

MISSOULA — We headed over to CM Russell Elementary School for this Arts and Education Report where some students are using their newly acquired skills to make and star in their own movie.

“So, we basically do an intro to film going over some of the terms. And the rolls on a set. And then basically we write our own microfilm and film it,” explained Kyle McAfee who is the education coordinator for Missoula’s Roxy Theater.

McAfee works with the teachers to come up with a topic for their film. Then it’s up to the kids to film, direct, produce and star in their own movie.

Not only does this class allow the students to experience film making for the first time, it also helps them work on their public speaking and self-confidence. All while having a great time.

“I think they love it. They discover that its work to. But yeah, it’s been enjoyable for everyone so far,” McAfee concluded.