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Dance and PE class come together at Missoula middle school

CS Porter Dance
Posted at 3:22 PM, Feb 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-06 17:22:29-05

MISSOULA — SAPRK! Art Missoula has teamed up with CS Porter Middle School for a different take on everyone’s favorite class – PE.

Dance and PE class recently came togerther for sixth grade students.

When we stopped by, Downtown Dance Collective executive director and SPARK! Arts Missoula teacher Heather Adams was teaching swing dance.

Not only were the ids learning the basics to swing, they were also picking up some life lessons as well.

“We’re also talking about how to have a conversation when you dance. Also, introducing yourself, shaking hands, making good eye contact, saying hello,” Adams explained.

“At the end of the dance you give them a high five and say good job. I make them give compliments to each other. So, we incorporate that in with the dancing as well,” she added.

Now as you can imagine, the middle school students may feel a bit self-conscience at first. But with the way that Adams structures the class, it’s not long before they are letting go and feeling free.

“Yes, they are uncomfortable at first, but I try to create an environment that is safe and comfortable by adding a lot of structure,” Adams said.

“There is a framework, and I think through that it allows them to feel more confident cause they know what to expect.”