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Get to know Missoula's Rocky Mountaineers

Rocky Mountaineers
Posted at 5:35 PM, Jul 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 10:48:09-04

CAMAS POINT - A Missoula non-profit mountaineering organization, The Rocky Mountaineers, has been offering adventure opportunities since 1960.

We talked with Forest Dean, trip coordinator, newsletter editor, and longtime member, to learn more.

“Going out [climbing] with people and that’s where The Rocky Mountaineers comes in. You know, it’s really rewarding to get out there and share the love of these places with others that really enjoy the same things," Forest explained. "We have members ranging from probably within a family from four or five years old up to some individuals in their 80s now and everything in between. We welcome everybody and try to have some offerings for everybody.”

Anyone can join The Rocky Mountaineers by signing up at and finding an open trip on the calendar. There are trips for all ages and skill levels ranging from hikes and day trips to alpine climbing and technical mountaineering.

That's exactly what MTN News did to climb Camas Point, tagging along on a Rocky Mountaineers climb on July 2.. Spending the day in the Bitterroot with two couples, we were given the chance to get to know them and learn why they climb.

On his love for climbing, Camas Point trip leader Dell shared, "It's a nice release. It gets you away from everything else and allows you to breathe fresh mountain air."

Gail, climber and wife of Dell, said,“I love climbing with The Rocky Mountaineers especially because you meet people that have the same love of the mountains.”

Mountaineering is a unique experience. It's intense; placing oneself in a harsh environment, one has the opportunity to realize their immense physical and mental strength.

Being in the mountains, one is forced to slow down and be deliberate with their actions. In doing so, the natural world can induce mental clarity and give one a break from the quick pace of today's society.

To Forest, The Rocky Mountaineers is an invaluable resource for the community and the skills and traits acquired while mountaineering are directly applicable in everyday life.

“I think it makes you a more confident person in life, being able to reach a little deeper and push yourself to get up higher," Forest said.