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Local Bounti employees clean up the Bitterroot River

Bitterroot River Cleanup
Posted at 7:21 PM, Apr 22, 2023

CORVALLIS - An Earth Day venture took us down to Corvallis.

Local Bounti, a sustainable grower in the Bitterroot Valley, uses 90% less water and land than conventional farming to grow greens and herbs in their greenhouses.

Local Bounti workers gathered to pick up trash around the trail and parking area of a fishing access on the banks of the Bitterroot River.

“Part of our core values are sustainability and environmental stewardship and so we think that just small actions can have a really big difference. So, if we get a half a dozen people picking up trash, maybe they’ll come back on another day off and bring some friends,” explained employee William Hess.

The river is a treasure to the people who live in the Bitterrot Valley.

“My family and I love to enjoy the outdoors and if we're out here you know spending some of our quality time on a day off you don’t wanna see trash sitting around and everything like that," employee Kyle Long shared with MTN.

The people want to see the river run clean and cold for generations to come.

“I mean this can be just like an everyday practice. If you’re spending time out on the water make sure that you’re not dumping your trash on the bank or in the river,” continued Long.

Every time you’re out in nature, if you see a piece of trash try and pick it up.

To learn more about Local Bounti, head to their website