Montana Hutterite Colony making hundreds of masks

Posted at 1:15 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 15:15:44-04

CHOTEAU — Many people have turned to making facemasks in order to help ease the shortage of supplies for health workers -- including the Miller Hutterite Colony near Choteau.

The women knocked out 775 masks in just two days and Emily Bouma of Choteau is now helping deliver those masks where they're needed most. She got involved because of an idea to connect one need with another.

“I ended up picking up the sewing machine on a whim. I had two foot surgeries. My son Wyatt said, 'you should start sewing,' and so I haven’t sewed since home-ec class, and I have this sewing machine set up on my table,” Bouma explained.

“My husband says, 'what are you up to?' I said, 'I’m making facemasks for hospitals!' He kind of joked and said, well, you’re going to need an army,' and I said, 'an army of Hutterite ladies!' and a light just went on."

Bouma went to the Miller Colony and showed them what her ideas were, and they got busy.

“They want to help, and for me to be able to coordinate that just a little bit, I mean gosh there is a ton of people out here working on this. All over the state, all over the country. If I can just encourage or help people or set up a connection that people can get rolling on this, it’s just very humbling."

If you’re want to help you can email Emily at