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One Class at a Time: C.S. Porter Middle School’s Kat Harmon

OCAT Harmon
Posted at 11:11 AM, Nov 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 13:11:37-05

MISSOULA — This week's One Class at a Time winner comes to us from C.S. Porter Middle School in Missoula.

Kat Harmon is the school's Family Resource Coordinator, who works to get students the tools they need to succeed. Harmon is also the school’s Liaison for the Families in Transition program, helping students who are living without shelter.

"I help connect resources to our community,” Harmon said. “And then I also am making sure we are breaking down any barriers to provide a successful education to our students who may be without shelter at the moment."

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Harmon will use the $250 award to purchase items that fulfill basic hygiene needs for students.

She believes it is difficult to focus on your studies without those needs fulfilled, so she will buy a wide range of items, from soap to feminine hygiene products.

"I'd like to spend money on that. And then I'd like to spend money on basic need items like toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, soap, conditioner. It really goes a long way to have those basic needs met." - C.S. Porter Middle School Family Resource Coordinator Kat Harmon

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