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One Class at a Time: Lone Rock School

Posted at 3:43 PM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 22:03:12-05

STEVENSVILLE — This week’s One Class at a Time winner is Stevensville’s Lone Rock School seventh grade teacher Ouisie Chanin.

KPAX-TV General Manager Bob Hermes presented the Republic Services and KPAX sponsored check which will go toward the purchase of a classroom video camera.

“This is exciting to be able to give you this big check for $250, and we’ll send you the small one that you can actually take to the bank," Hermes said.

Chanin was thrilled with the news, “thank you very much, we’re thrilled to receive the small one and the big one!”

The students in Chanin's class produce a show called, “Rocket News”, several days a week, and the flip cameras she has in the classroom have become very outdated, and some of starting to fall apart.

The brand-new camera Chanin is buying with the grant money will have image stabilization, better sound quality, and the ability to zoom.

“They try to film a different “Rocket News” episode every day and we use the camera so they can learn the skills of taking information of different devices and combining it to make a program rather than just using their phones," Chanin said.