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One Class at a Time: Ronan Band Director Alicia Lipscomb

OCAT Ronan Band Director Alicia Lipscomb
Posted at 5:03 PM, Mar 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 12:28:04-04

RONAN — Our KPAX-TV and Republic Services One Class at a Time winner this week is Ronan middle and high school Band Director Alicia Lipscomb.

Lipscomb will be using the $250 award to purchase a “Jazz Deck” for her 16-member Jazz Band.

She says she’s continually searching for ways to help her students grow musically inside the classroom, and the Jazz Deck will allow her students to more quickly learn the chords necessary for solos, which are a big part of the Jazz Band.

Her students put on their first concert in over a year Monday evening, and she says they are excited about having the deck to enhance their confidence,

“The notes that are in front of them are going to be notes that sound great, so it’s going to make them more confident, it’s going to build their confidence in soloing and then, you know, if you can go on stage and play a solo improv, you can do just about anything in life," Lipscomb explained.