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One Class at a Time: Russell Elementary School

Posted at 8:59 AM, Oct 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-30 11:01:47-04

MISSOULA — Russell Elementary School kindergarten teacher Meghan DeLeo is this week’s One Class at a Time $250 grant winner.

KPAX-TV General Manager Bob Hermes presented the award to DeLeo which she will use for a number of various supplies. DeLeo’s class is an additional room so that there is a smaller student to teacher ratio for the 84 kindergarteners who attend Russell.

But with this additional class comes the need for an extra set of supplies. These supplies will allow students to focus on other activities in the room while she works with one-on-one with students who have questions or need extra help.

“So we’re going to use the money to help get some additional supplies for the classroom, so we can get things like a carpet area for the classroom, or a small tent for the back of the room so we can have a calm down area, upgraded easels so we can have a place for larger books.”