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One Class at a Time: Sentinel science teacher Beth Rugh

Posted at 3:49 PM, Oct 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-20 21:04:30-04

MISSOULA — This week’s winner of a KPAX and Republic Services One Class at a Time grant is Sentinel Advanced Placement Science teacher Beth Rugh.

KPAX General Manager Bob Hermes and Republic Services Municipal manager Chad Bauer presented Rugh with a 250-dollar check which will be used to buy supplies for her class labs.

Specifically, she is using the money to buy a set of Vacuum Filtration Apparatus.

The lab goes beyond the standard high school lab, and provides a great opportunity for her students to see what a college-level science lab will look like.

“If a kid takes A.P., an Advanced Placement science course, a lot of times they are planning on studying science and having that exposure to real laboratory techniques is such an advantage for them," Rugh said.

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