Salute the Badge: Helping the Montana Hope Project

Posted at 3:44 PM, Oct 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-28 17:45:10-04

MISSOULA – The Montana Highway Patrol doesn’t often get a break from our roadways but last month they did take a break from their day-to-day work and hosted a special event.

MHP troopers hosted a get to know your local trooper at Krispy Kreme in Missoula last month.

“So today we worked with Krispy Kreme and they set up an event for us — like a Tip a Cop Event — an opportunity for the public to come in and meet the local troopers in the area,” said Trooper Nic Navarro.

The proceeds from the sales at the event went to help a special cause.

“From any sales from the event that Krispy Kreme has we’re gonna donate that to the Montana Hope Project which is the nonprofit organization that is associated with Association of Montana Troopers, Navarro said.

“The Montana Hope Project has granted wishes to kids in Montana who are living with critical illnesses We’ve done a few wishes in the past anything from like giving…a trip to Disney World,” Navarro explained.

A trip to Disney World can mean a lot for a kid struggling through a critical illness like West Thomas who battled Crohn’s disease and severe osteoarthritis as a child.

“I don’t know how they found out but a Montana Highway patrolman came into my hospital room and asked me if I wanted a wish to do…anything I want,” Thomas said. “And he came back the next day. I had my answer and I told him I wanted to go to Disney World.”

It’s a moment that Thomas says he couldn’t thank the troopers enough for.

“The people behind this, I mean I couldn’t thank enough for putting their time and effort into it and being able to help families and kids feel like they’re special and you know do something good for them even if it’s you know something small. I’ll always remember my trip and I’ll never forget it,” Thomas said.

Click here to find out how you can help the Montana Hope Project.