Salute to Service: Whitefish fire department gives back to the community

Posted at 11:07 AM, May 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-06 13:08:36-04
Whitefish Fire Department
The Whitefish Fire Department (MTN News photo)

WHITEFISH – Whitefish firefighters are going beyond the call of duty to raise money for community members and others around the country.

Whitefish Fire Department Captain Cole Hadley says the idea came after the tragic death of Ben Parsons — a paramedic in Whitefish — who was killed in January 2017 avalanche.

The community rallied around the firehouse during this tragedy, donating their time and money to help. After this, Hadley says the firefighters wanted to give back and say thank you.

Whitefish and Big Mountain firefighters teamed up to create the Benevolent Association which raises money for any community member or firefighter in need during emergencies.

“It feels good to try and help wherever we can. If we can find another we can add value to this job that we do, we try to find it,” says Hadley.

Restaraunt and t-shirt fundraisers are held all year long in order to keep money in the association. T-shirts are sold for $25 at the firehouse and so far, the firefighters have raised $3,000.

Hadley says the best way to support the Benevolent Association is to come out to their fundraisers, send a check to the firehouse or buy a Whitefish Fire Department shirt.