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Flathead High School has a trauma kit for each classroom

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Posted at 4:17 PM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 18:17:21-05

KALISPELL — Flathead High School now has emergency response trauma kits for every classroom in case they are needed.

School Resource Officer Dennis Bain says the school bought the kits through a grant from the NRA's School Shield program which is designed to empower school leaders and students to make school a safer place.

Officer Bain told MTN News that a few years ago the school had about 12 kits scattered around the school which meant that in the event of an emergency, a kit might not be immediately available.

Now, with 80 kits and one in each classroom, Bain says all teachers have been trained in first aid in case of an emergency lock down situation and have access to a kit nearby.

Inside each kit are basic first aid items like CPR mask, tourniquets, and bandages. Bain explained that students do lots of hands on learning like at the agricultural center and shop across campus.

He added that the trauma kits can be used for more things than just an emergency lock down.

"There was an instance last fall, in Connecticut I believe, where a wood shop teacher got his arm caught -- I believe it was a planer -- and the SRO used a tourniquet to save his life," said Bain "So, we have to think bigger picture here. It's not just a school shooting. It could be an accident at the VOAG, wood shop, auto class."

Bain told MTN News that he hopes to be able to get more trauma kits to bring to Glacier High School.