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Flathead TEMS Unit receives Round Up for Safety Grant

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Posted at 1:16 PM, May 13, 2022

KALISPELL - Flathead County's Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) Unit has received a grant that will help them better serve the community.

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office TEMS team received $10,000 from the Round Up for Safety Grant to purchase necessary medical equipment.

The TEMS unit is Auxiliary Officers that assist the SWAT team with advanced medical issues that arise during deployment.

The four medics on this team are now fully equipped with medical gear to provide care during incidents that are not safe for regular EMS providers to go to.

"And so we push forward and it's been really good that we've got really motivated medics and the team is steadily just moving forward. So it's pretty exciting," said Flathead County Undersheriff and SWAT Commander Wayne DuBois.

The TEMS unit will assist innocent victims of violent crimes, police officers on the scene and the suspect, if injured. The purchase of this equipment would not have been possible without the grant.