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Kalispell's 'Sunshine Factory' gives families a place to destress

Sunshine Factory
Posted at 2:45 PM, Jul 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-03 10:49:38-04

KALISPELL - A new facility has opened just 100 steps across the street from Logan Health Children’s in Kalispell, helping families going through hard times.

“It was amazing this beautiful property was open and waiting for this project to happen,” said 406 for Kids Founder Lori Williamson.

A new 4,900 square-foot facility across the street from Logan Health Children’s in Kalispell gives families a place to rest and destress as their loved one receives care at the hospital.

“This is just a break from the hospital,” added Williamson.

The non-profit 406 for Kids — which works to support ting families struggling with childhood illness — funded the $2 million “Sunshine Factory,” thanks to unrelenting passion from founder Williamson.

“Our whole mission is to turn crappy into happy,” said Williamson.

The Sunshine factory includes a spa, playroom, meditation garden, children’s playground, and more.

“Re-energize, reboot, so they can make better decisions over at the hospital,” said Williamson.

She envisions the Sunshine Factory as being a place of calm and happiness, with smells and sounds familiar to home.

“I want whoever comes through the door, once they smell a waft of chocolate chip cookies, they can just feel like yes, they’re at home,” said Williamson.