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Montana Sea Hawkers donate to HEART Program in Kalispell

HEART shoe donation
Posted at 12:57 PM, May 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 17:01:38-04

KALISPELL - The HEART Program in Kalispell received a generous donation of sneakers from the Sea Hawkers Booster Club as part of the Kicks4Kids Program.

The Montana Sea Hawkers is a local chapter of the Seattle Seahawks booster club that has over 500 members statewide. And when local fans get together to watch Seahawks games they collect donations to give to local charities.

“Seahawks actually were the first teams to actually implement this new idea so that we can get more things like more shoes to kids and help other people in the community. It's all about taking care of your community," said Brenda Rosler-Hanson, Montan Sea Hawkers.

The Kicks4Kids program was started by the Seahawks Mascot Blitz last year and over 2,200 pairs of shoes have been donated worldwide so far. Twenty-four brand new pairs of Nike sneakers were donated to the HEART Program.

“Which is incredible. That's at least 24 kids that we know we're gonna have brand new shoes to start the school year. It's not fun when kids have to go to school with a toe poking out of a shoe. So it's really going to mean a lot to these kids to start the school year with some brand new cool Nike shoes," said Casey Driscoll, HEART Locker Program Director.

The Sea Hawkers also donated money that will go towards emergency shelter situations and anything else students may need. The HEART Program provides clothing, hygiene products, and school supplies for K-12 students at no cost to them. They also have a learning center and markets on school grounds for students who need food after school.

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