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Salute to Service: Man aqua jogging Hungry Horse Reservoir raise money for bible camp

Mike Turner is aqua jogging to raise money to help the Dickey Lake Bible Camp in Trego.
Aqua Jogging Mike Turner
Posted at 2:45 PM, Jul 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-14 16:45:04-04

HUNGRY HORSE - What inspires people to do acts of kindness is different for everyone and for one man, it's aqua jogging his way down the entire length of Hungry Horse Reservoir.

“I've seen the need and so I prayed about what can I do. What can I do to help that? And so I'm not very talented. But I do push my body. So I said well.... and the message got to me to use my talent, jump in the water. You love aqua jogging so do it for a fundraiser," explained Fellowship Alliance Church Deacon Michael J. Turner. "It's a good idea now sometimes I'm in the water and I’m thinking it’s a little tougher than I thought. But I won’t quit, not till it’s done."

Turner is aqua jogging to raise money for a new vehicle to haul garbage for Dickey Lake Bible Camp in Trego. After working as a cook at the camp, he saw the need for a new vehicle to support a program he believes in.

“Hopefully we'll raise some money and because that place changes lives even when you volunteer there your life has changed. Pretty wonderful place," noted Turner.

Aqua jogging is just what it sounds like. Turner puts on a flotation device and jogs in the water. This technique is commonly used in rehabilitation for lower body injuries but Turner uses it as a form of low-impact exercise.

“I'll be 77 once I’m finished but you just got to get out and move, you just have to move,” said Turner.

The idea to aqua jog the entire length of Hungry Horse Reservoir came to Turner many years ago.

“Tewnty-five years ago, my wife and I were camping up at Emery Bay and I decided then I said I'd like to aqua jog the whole entire shoreline — which would be 173 miles — which I’m too old for that now," Turner said. "So, then life happened And then she got sick life happened, it didn't get done. And she passed away seven years ago and so I have the time now to do it. And so that's why I'm doing this.'

Turner’s goal is to jog 44 miles and at a pace of an hour and 40-minute per mile, he’s anticipating it to take 10 to 14 days.

“I haven't done it yet. But I will put a big effort into it. And gosh what a beautiful place to do my mission. I'm at Hungry Horse Reservoir. It’s fantastic out here,” said Turner.

People can help Turner reach his fundraising goal by donating here.