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Big Timber twins shine at Special Olympics Montana

Big Timber twins shine at Special Olympics Montana
Posted at 3:58 PM, May 03, 2021

BOZEMAN — At Bobcat Stadium you can find Jon and Ben Turner, twins from Big Timber, training for the Special Olympics Montana Summer Games.

“I just love running, I love it,” said Ben.

Growing up, running turned into an outlet for them to utilize their energy.

“They have always had lots and lots and lots of energy and this was a really awesome way to channel it and really help them focus and keep kind of staying on an even keel,” said their mom, Julia.

The brothers have been running various events with Special Olympics Montana for three years, but their love to run started 10 years ago when their family moved from Atlanta, Georgia.

"They went to the Sweet Grass County High School in Big Timber and they were able to run," their mother said. "They were able to be included in any sport they wanted, so running was it for them -- cross country and track and they really excelled. We realized, ‘My gosh, they’re fast, they can run.’”

The gold-medaling brothers bring out the best in each other on the track, but they have opposite answers in regards to if they like running with one another.

“(It's) not very fun,” said Jon.

That's likely because Ben gets the best of Jon on the track sometimes.

“I love Jon," Ben said. "I like all my teammates, they’re good, they’re competitive.”

However, they both described each other in one short and sweet sentence.

“He’s really fast,” Jon said.

Ben said the same of Jon.

“He’s fast,” said Ben.

Their mom will tell you they run to stay healthy, but there's another reason why they both run.

“Because of the girls," said Jon.

“It’s the girls," Ben echoed.

Their mom had a nice chuckle when asked about why love to run.

“They both love pretty girls, what can I say? Always have,” Julia said.

Ben’s other favorite thing is laughing at opponents as he blazes by them.

Jon was chosen to be a part of Team USA for their games in Seattle last year where he won the bronze in the 400-meter run and the silver in the javelin throw.

“That was really cool," Julia said. "He had to train really hard ahead of time because he’s a distance runner and the only events available for him were the shorter distances. He was dead set on winning a medal and he did."

Despite placing well in those games, the medals were not his favorite part.

“My favorite part was the hot women,” said Jon.

Their parents couldn’t be prouder of what the two have been able to accomplish.

“Oh, I’m so proud and happy for them," said Julia. "When they’re happy, we’re happy.”

But these two aren’t even close to being done with their Olympic careers.

“They have excelled and really gone above and beyond what we had ever hoped for them -- they’re still moving forward,” said Julia.