Cooling Dog Beds Are A Must For Your Pup In Summer

Cooling Dog Beds Are A Must For Your Pup In Summer
Posted at 4:30 AM, Jul 29, 2022
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If you’re hot, think about how your dog feels. Your pup can’t cool himself the same way you do. Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM and Pumpkin Pet Insurance Veterinary Expert, explains that they only sweat through their paws and nose and expel heat through panting. Not to mention the fact that dogs are covered in fur. Wooten says that a dog’s internal body temperature can increase if it can’t release enough heat. This can result in potentially life-threatening heat stroke.

Wooten recommends making sure your pet stays hydrated, choosing the coolest times of the day for walks, making sure your dog takes breaks and providing a cool place to rest. For example, a cooling dog bed can be the ideal place for your pup to relax in the summer heat.

Lesure Elevated Cooling Dog Bed


This cooling dog bed is perfect for poolside, lakeside or trips to the beach with your pup. The bed’s elevated design promotes airflow on all sides to help dogs stay cooler. The sturdy steel frame has skid-resistant feet for stability when she jumps on and off. And the mesh fabric bed is breathable yet strong for comfort and support. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so if your dog takes a dip, she can rest and dry off in cool comfort.

The Lesure elevated cooling dog bed, $30.99-$39.99, has 4.3 stars on Amazon. Customers like that it is easy to set up and keeps their pets comfortable.

“Daisy has used the cot consistently since it arrived,” wrote one reviewer. “I like that it is relatively lightweight (though sturdy), because I can transfer it easily from our three-season room to the yard at a moment’s notice. Daisy likes using it because it is cool, provides a ventilated surface, and keeps her above the grass and biting insects.”

This pet bed is available in small, medium and large sizes and can hold up to 125 pounds.

Cooling Dog Mat


When temps are soaring and you’re covered in fur, a little extra help cooling off may be required. This dog cooling mat is unlike other pet beds, and the secret is H2O. You can quickly fill the high-density foam mat with cool water, and your pup will be able to chill out literally and figuratively. In addition, the PVC-coated surface makes cleaning a breeze. If you want to take the dog cooling mat with you, empty the water and roll it up.

“This mat works great for our English mastiff,” a reviewer wrote. “He generally runs extra hot, so we are always looking for cool spaces for him to lay and putting this in his crate helps keep him cool!!”

This pet cooling mat, $16.99 to $29.99, can be used indoors or out, so it’s ideal to use with crates and cots, on the sofa, in the car or just on the floor.

Waterproof Outdoor Dog Bed


This outdoor pet bed fits the bill when you want a thick cushion that can stand up to a dog who loves diving into the pool or paddling around the lake. It has a water-resistant zippered cover made from 100% Oxford fabric over a three-inch foam insert. Plus, it’s chew proof and waterproof.

This pet mattress, $36.99-$59.99, has 4.3 stars on Amazon and is available in medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Memory Foam Cooling Dog Bed


A cozy memory foam mattress might not seem like a cooling dog bed, but this one is designed to keep pets comfortable no matter the weather. The waterproof bed has 2.5 inches of high-density charcoal support foam on the bottom and supportive, cooling orthopedic foam on top. The cushioned bolster surrounding the bed adds extra comfort. The soft cover has a non-skid bottom and a zipper for easy removal. Just toss it in the washing machine for quick cleanup.

This cooling dog bed, $40.99-$80.99, has 4.5 stars. Customers say their pets enjoy the bed.

“Our dog loved it and would not share it with his sister, who desperately wanted to try it out and snuggle with him, but he wasn’t having it,” one reviewer wrote. “Overall, it is great for our dog’s comfort, as well as his health compared to sleeping on hardwood floors, as it keeps him cool on hot days.”

It’s available in grey or khaki in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

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