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Corgi Puppy Outgrowing His Favorite Napping Spot Is Adorably Bittersweet

Corgi Puppy Outgrowing His Favorite Napping Spot Is Adorably Bittersweet
Posted at 9:25 AM, Jan 18, 2022

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Hang on a second, let me just cue up “Teach Your Children” by CSN&Y and grab a Kleenex: If you’ve ever watched a pet — or a kid — grow up, this viral video might put a lump in your throat.

The clip, posted by TikTok user @cooperauggiethecorgi, has collected 21.1 million views and nearly 5 million likes since it was posted in October. It shows Obi, a tiny Corgi, curling up in his favorite spot: the lowest shelf of his family’s entertainment center.

But then we quickly jump forward and see Obi get bigger and bigger. By the end, he can barely fit on his little shelf and we’re all misty about the swift passage of time.


He’s not gonna fit much longer 😭 #corgi #puppy #dogsoftiktokviral

♬ slipping through my fingers – favsoundds

Now he has to smoosh himself all the way down to fit! And he’s still a growing pup!

Many commenters noted, however, that there’s a quick and easy fix to the dilemma: Just remove the dang middle shelf!

But for those moments when you want to sit with your feelings, there’s a sequel video, titled “a compilation of more places my puppy will soon outgrow.”

”Sorry to do this to all of your hearts,” writes one of Obi’s humans in the description.

Turn down the sound if you don’t want to hear emotional piano music that will make you choke up.


Reply to @torinextdoor__ sorry to do this to all of your hearts 🥺 #corgi #puppy #puppiesoftiktok

♬ original sound – paintrain

This little guy really loves his cozy spots: under couches, coffee tables, chairs, and anywhere else he can squeeze in.

Even though it’s bittersweet, the second video is even more of a feast for Corgi fans, with good shots of tiny Corgi paws and fluffy Corgi buns. It’s too much!

Fortunately, @cooperauggiethecorgi has plenty of cheerful palate cleansers. The account started out documenting the adventures of Cooper, “the Corgi that lives on a boat!” (Obi is Cooper’s little brother, who joined the crew in 2021.)

As you can imagine, there are lots of heart-melting clips to make you smile, too, like this one of Cooper himself:


How are Cooper’s vocals? #corgi #dogsoftiktok #isaidooo

♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

So adorable! I think I can put away my Kleenex now. And though Obi is bigger now (a December repost confirmed he no longer fits on that shelf), you can always watch him meet growth milestones, which is also pretty cute.

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