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Dairy Queen has a new Triple Truffle Blizzard ice cream cake for Valentine’s Day

Dairy Queen has a new Triple Truffle Blizzard ice cream cake for Valentine’s Day
Posted at 5:30 AM, Jan 31, 2023

You can skip the flowers and heart-shaped box of chocolate this Valentine’s Day thanks to Dairy Queen. The brand has created a deliciously charming treat that will definitely win over your Valentine’s heart.

DQ’s new Triple Truffle Blizzard Cupid Cake brings the flavors of boxed chocolates, but in a heart-shaped ice cream cake instead. The treat is first made with a layer of the new Triple Truffle Blizzard Treat, which features “a velvety blend” of truffles filled with peanut butter, fudge and caramel, plus chocolate topping. You’ll then get a full layer of the truffles followed by chocolate topping and then soft-serve ice cream.

Dairy Queen

Shaped like a heart with subtle colors and decoration, the cake is priced at around $14 and made to serve two … but it could also serve up to four or, of course, just one! (If you only want a single serving, you can get just the Triple Truffle Blizzard Treat instead.)

Just like the cake, the Blizzard is made with vanilla soft serve ice cream, blended with same peanut butter, fudge and caramel truffles and chocolate.

Dairy Queen

If you’re not an ice cream fan and really would prefer the heart-shaped box of chocolate or other candy this Valentine’s Day, there’s plenty to choose from.

Hershey’s just added new Kisses Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries to shelves, which combine “extra creamy milk chocolate” with a strawberry-flavored filling. Or, for M&M lovers, you can grab limited-time White Chocolate Strawberry Shake M&Ms, which feature strawberry shake-flavored white chocolate covered in crunchy Valentine’s Day-themed candy shells of pink, red and green.

Mars, Inc.

You can even celebrate this Valentine’s Day with ‘Friends’ thanks to new Brach’s “Friends” Conversation Hearts.

Coming in cherry, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, orange and blueberry flavors, the candy features 26 quotes from the “Friends” television series. Lines include Joey’s famous “HOW U DOIN?” pick-up line, “ON A BREAK” from Ross and Rachel’s on-again-off-again relationship and “PIVOT” from the popular couch-moving scene.

Brach's 'Friends' conversation hearts

Non-candy treats include everything from heart-shaped Ding Dongs to strawberry Donettes and Funfetti Valentine’s cake mix and frosting.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day goodies?

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