Suicide survivor sharing hope with Missoula students

Posted at 11:03 AM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 13:05:22-04

MISSOULA – Willard Alternative High School in Missoula invited musician and suicide survivor David Simmons to host a three-day workshop as part of National Suicide Prevention Week.

Simmons says he’s been inspired to bring awareness and education to teenagers and says his message is a celebration of life in the wake of his 2009 suicide attempt.

Willard students will collaborate with Simmons during the workshop to write a song about a journey of happiness and celebration.

Simmons says it’s a natural fit to use his musical and educational background to reach the students, and the connection is tremendous.

“The reason music works for me is that it instantly gives kids a voice. The two things for me are never give up, tell your story — just keep those things going,” said Simmons who founded the UBU Project.

“If you plant that seed with someone young enough hopefully they don’t get to the point that I did in later years, because they will be in the habit of telling their stories and expressing themselves,” he added.

Simmons and Willard students will be performing their song on Friday night at the Public House in Missoula.

– Russ Thomas reporting for MTN News