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Montana woman creates app to help search for Montana health professionals

Posted at 8:25 AM, Apr 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-10 10:25:46-04

HELENA – A new web app to connect Montana users to local health officials is in the works.

Three years ago, Townsend resident Jena Smith, founder and developer of the “Bright App,” created a web platform to aid those searching for licensed clinical professionals within the state.

The app will allow users to search and locate addiction counselors, behavior health specialists, oncology physicians, new mothers with postpartum depression and even those struggling with gambling addiction.

It’s a public-facing tool for parents, caregivers, hospitals and even urgent care facilities.

Anyone who needs to find out who and where health care providers are practicing within their area, “Bright App” will provide a list of organized data.

“I know how difficult it is to find mental health services and I just feel like we need a easy way to not just go to a primary care provider and ask for a referral which is a great option but to be able to take it in your own hands and say, ‘you know, my child is struggling with pure relationships or school issues and be able to get a list of providers and make those phone calls myself, too, if I’m not seeing the results that I need to,’” SMith said.

Smith continued: “The reason why I named it “The Bright App” is because I feel like people are starting to talk about mental health more and really shining that bright light on it so that’s where the “Bright App” came to be, because I just think it’s so needed and it’s awesome we’re talking about it now.”

Click here for more information on where and how to use the web-app prototype.

-Christine Sullivan reporting for MTN News