New project combines art with street safety

Mural Crosswalk
Posted at 8:15 PM, Feb 24, 2022

SOUTH TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — People in South Tucson, Arizona are working to make roads safer while also brightening up the community.

A busy intersection now features a new crosswalk that was designed by local artists.

"They're all reflective of this community," Selina Barajas, who helped plan the project, explained. "A lot of them grew up in this area and have come back."

A number of community members came together to help with the painting.

"You know, we are reinvesting back into the neighborhoods that we love," she shared. "So, it meant much more to us than creating color on the streets."

"We see people, you know, crossing. We see people on bikes along this corridor and we want to ensure those safety measures," Barajas added.

While it's only been completed for a few days, Barajas said it's already helping.

"People notice them," she said. "We've just been observing and in the past couple days since they've been on the street, we've had people slow down and admire the artwork."

The community has taken notice.

"It was a big surprise for those who went to work on Monday," Mel Dominguez, who helped with the project, shared. "They were like, 'When did this happen.' So now, they are looking forward to more."

Dominguez works at Galeria Mitotera, which is located right next to the crosswalk. He's glad it is right outside.

"The reason why it looks the way it does is because it represents the neighborhood," Dominguez said.

The city is hoping to add more in the coming weeks.

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