Lolo Community Center seeks to raise money for upgrades

Lolo Farmers Market
Posted at 12:10 PM, Sep 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-03 16:23:35-04

LOLO — The Lolo Community Center budget has been running in the red, so they have been getting creative to try to raise money.

The center needs $100,000 for building updates. But so far, the board of directors has raised about $5,000. Some of that money came from a farmer's market the board of directors puts on.

The event had been happening since June at the Lolo Community Center but last weekend probably marked the end of the farmer's market. Members say they planned to keep the market going a few more weeks, but vendors are disappearing.

Warren Kingdon, who sits on the Lolo Community Center Board of Directros says it's been fun to see people from town get out and enjoy the market.

"Well we want them to come here to mingle, it's amazing. You see people here at the market that haven't seen each other in years, and they're just like old friends," Kingdon told MTN News. "It's a place to meet and have fun, and that's what our whole goal is for next year."

The Lolo Community Center will now be hosting Sunday night BINGO starting in September to help raise money for the needed upgrades.