Montana Ag Network: Toy tractors capture imagination

Posted at 8:34 AM, Mar 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-11 10:34:29-04

GREAT FALLS – Tractors are not only a necessity for agriculture, but they are also a way of life.

The Montana Ag Network found a collection of toy tractors whose history has made a big impact in Montana.

Big Bud Tractors is a pretty familiar name in Montana agriculture and some might argue and even bigger name with toy collectors.

Toy Farmer released the 747 Toy and I saw it for the first time and just was like ‘wow that’s crazy, that’s an amazing toy I gotta have’,” John Schwartz said.

“So I bought those two, and then I bought all the other scales and I was like, I gotta keep getting more. And it was just an obsession. I bought everything at that point.”

Toy Tractors
The Montana Ag Network found a collection of toy tractors whose history has made a big impact in the Treasure State. (MTN News photo)

While it may seem like an obsession the tractors carry some serious value. John went as far as paying $14,000 at one point for 14 Big Bud toy tractors.

“I was like a kid on Christmas when they got there, you know, tear them out and then set them all off to the side and examine them and make sure they were in good shape.:

It’s gotta be pretty clear by now just how much joy and excitement these toy tractors bring to a collector like John.

But if you’ve got any inkling to break into the hobby, “you better have a big checkbook. Some of this stuff is just ridiculous on actions nowadays,” John said.

“Lately this one over here with the dozer blade, about 4,500 to buy one of those. And there’s only 44 of them.”

John and his daughter travel the country showing off their one-of-a-kind collection.

And coincidentally, out of three kids, two of which are boys, his daughter is the only one who has shown interest in the tractors.

“She has the passion and the want to do this stuff,” Schwartz said. “Most girls don’t want to go play with dad’s tractors.”

-Jason Laird reporting for MTN News