Fundraiser to cover delinquent mobile home taxes in Missoula gathers steam

Posted at 9:10 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-09 23:10:46-04

MISSOULA–Dozens of Missoula area mobile homes are on the chopping block this week for delinquent taxes, according to a statement from the Missoula County Clerk and Treasurer’s office.

But, if homeowners can’t scrape up the money, which for some is as little as $170, they might be in luck because a community member has stepped up to help.

Svein Newman, a Missoula man who works for a local non-profit, opened up a gofundme account on Sunday, with a $5000 goal to help cover the taxes of as many homeowners as possible.

“It seem unconscionable to me that someone should have to lose a home that they already own because of a $200 bill, especially in a community that is really working on affordable housing and prioritizing those issues right now,” he said.

Newman said that while it would be impossible for many people to come in and cover all of the debts, although that has happened before, he knew people besides himself would be interested in chipping in $25, $50 or even $100 bucks to help out.

The deadline for payment is 5 p.m. tomorrow. Missoula county officials will use the money to pay off debts from the smallest amount on up to make the largest impact, he said.

As of Monday evening, the account has raised just over $3,400.

Newman said that although this won’t cover all of the debts, they aim to help as many people as possible who owe those lower amounts.

The remaining delinquent mobile homes will be auctioned off Wednesday at 9 a.m.