Over 90 employers expected at Missoula career fair Tuesday

Posted at 5:21 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 19:21:32-04

MISSOULA – Missoula Job Service will be hosting a career fair Tuesday at the Hilton Garden Inn.  

Over 90 employers will be their searching for new employees and with such a wide variety of jobs there’s certainly one to fit everybody’s criteria.

"So the career fair is our biggest event of the year and we usually have about 700 job seekers who come through," says MJS workforce consultant Amanda Taylor. "That’s how many we had last year. We have about 90 employers lined up right now anywhere from entry level jobs to professional jobs. Basically any type of job you can think of in Missoula there will be an employer there from every industry."

That’s not an understatement. From banks to retail, every industry will be covered.

So how do you come prepared to find a new job?

“We recommend people do to be prepared for the career fair is to check out our website ahead of time and see which employers will be there that way they can make a plan and see who they want to talk to rather than just going in," Taylor says. "It can be overwhelming. There can be a lot of people and a lot of employers, so it’s loud. But if you kind of know who you want to talk to and have a plan before you go in that can kind of help with that nervousness when your going to talk to a new employer.”

In an increasingly online world the career fair gives people the opportunity to have human interaction with employers instead of an online application.

"I think that it can be a huge benefit to job seekers because a lot of times in order to apply for a job you can only apply online and a lot of our job seekers miss that face to face connection and its pretty rare that you can get that," Taylor said. "So this is one of the few ways where you don’t have to just apply online but you can actually go and meet them and get in front of them and have a face to face conversation which is kind of missing in the job search world today when everything is online."