Former MCPS employee identified in drug charges

Posted at 2:57 PM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 16:57:25-04

MISSOULA – We have an update to a story we reported last week about a former Missoula County Public Schools employee that resigned due to recent drug charges.

On April 19, MCPS reported that a non-teaching staff member had resigned from Meadow Hill Middle School due to recent charges of opioid possession with an intent to distribute.

In a press release from MCPS Spokesperson Hatton Littman, she said the district has now received information about additional drugs found at her home by law enforcement.

The staff member has been identified as Marie Dibble. Littman said Dibble served as a school social worker from August 2017 to April 2018.

“We continue to hold our belief that none of these substances were ever present on or near the school campus," Littman said. "It is our understanding that this was a situation involving an adult engaged in alleged illegal activity outside of her role at the school.”

As a preventative measure, MCPS closed off the staff member’s former office and are conducting test of the site immediately to determine if there is any need for remediation.

KPAX TV has requested Dibble’s charging documents to get specifics of the case. We expect to have that information sometime Tuesday.