Multiple ballots cause some confusion for Missoula voters

Posted at 2:47 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 16:47:14-04

MISSOULA – The Missoula County Elections Office just mailed out the primary election ballots and is already getting questions from voters who are not sure what to do with them.

This year, there are three parties represented: Republican, Democrat and Green party. Each packet contains ballots for all three.

Montana law allows voters to pick one party and vote on that ballot only. For example, you can’t vote for one candidate on the republican ballot and another on the Green party.

Elections Administrator Dayna Causby explains how to fill out your ballot correctly and what to do with the ones left blank.

"How we’re instructing voters to manage three different ballot styles is to pick the ballot you want, put that on your kitchen table, take the other two ballots you don’t want to vote and go ahead and put those in your un-voted ballot envelope, the big white envelope," Causyby said. "And vote the ballot you want to vote, put that in the blue secrecy envelope. Put all that inside your affirmation envelope, sign and seal it."

If you have questions or you think you made a mistake on your ballot, you can get help at the election headquarters located at the Missoula County Fairgrounds.

Ballots are due by primary election day on Tuesday, June 5. There will also be polling places open that day, too. 

You can click here to check your Montana voter registration status.