Fraud Watch: Beware of the driveway paving scam

Posted at 9:32 AM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 11:32:19-04

HELENA – Folks need to be wary of scammers offering to pave your driveway as the weather gets warmer. ?scammers may entice you with discounts but fail to deliver.

A contractor comes to your home, knocks on your door and says they have a great deal. They’re paving for somebody down the street so they can help you too, for a low price, but the Montana Office of Consumer Protection says not so fast.

"You may or may not get what you want. This time of year we’re all working on the outsides of our home it’s getting nice again, so we definitely see an increase in these types of scans this time of year," said OCP investigator Demerry Nielson.

Nielson says scammers may show up in unmarked cars and offer services they have no intention of providing and to avoid getting taken advantage of, Nielson says to be sure and do your homework.

"Get anything in writing. Get a contract. Make sure that on that contract you have their business name, their business information and then do your research make sure they’re bonded, insured, registered," Nielson advised.

She also says that you shouldn’t let anyone pressure you into saying yes — and if you have an doubts, you can call the Montana Office of Consumer Protection at (406) 444-4500.