Firing of deputy sparks controversy in Dillon

Posted at 11:27 AM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 13:27:16-04

DILLON – The recent firing of Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Miles is causing controversy in Dillon.

“The attack truly appears to be personal,” said Jean Bergeson, a supporter of Miles.

Miles was fired by Beaverhead Sheriff Frank Kluesner last Friday for insubordination, though some believe his firing was because he supported a candidate running against Sheriff Kluesner in November.

The sheriff put Miles on paid leave in April for the same insubordination violation, and Miles appealed to the council of commissioners.

“The commissioners overturned that decision, issued a letter that he would be reinstated,” said Bergeson

Aaron Ralph of the Teamsters Union in Butte is representing Deputy Miles and plans to file a grievance over the firing.

Ralph said there’s no merit to the insubordination claim against Miles and noted that h has a clean record in his 11 years with the sheriff’s office.

“[Miles] has served this community with honor, he has a great deal of integrity, is very, very hard working,” said Bergeson. “He is committed to this community.”

Kluesner did not return our phone calls and emails looking for comment on this story.