19 new U.S. citizens sworn-in at Glacier National Park ceremony

Posted at 4:32 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 18:32:27-04

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK – Glacier National Park, along with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, hosted a naturalization ceremony where 19 citizen candidates from 11 different countries officially became U.S. citizens.

They came from all corners of the world as far away as China and as close as Canada. On Thursday, each of them swore their allegiance to the United States of America at Glacier National Park.

Each was presented a certificate of citizenship with help from the Daughter’s of the American Revolution while U.S. District Court Judge Jeremiah Lynch welcomed them.

For new U.S. citizen Fabrice Evrad, getting to this point wasn’t easy, but he says participating in the democratic process instead of just watching is what he looks forward to most.

"I spent most of my life working for American companies and lived in this country for 18 years, so it became important to me," Evrad said. "It is not an easy path. It requires dedication and time and patience."

Cathy Lane with Daughters of the American Revolution says along with their Certificates of Citizenship they also send them out into their new country with a few other items to help them along the way.

"A small pocket-size book of the constitution, a flag code, the Americans Creed, a bookmark for the pledge to the flag," Lane said.

This is the third naturalization ceremony hosted at Glacier National Park.