Missoula Co. asking homeowners to fill out flood damage report

Posted at 4:24 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 18:24:23-04

MISSOULA – The recovery process has begun for Missoula County residents whose homes were damaged by floodwaters. One of the first steps involves filling out a flood damage report.

This form is for people in Missoula County only and should be completed if you believe your home has any damage caused by flooding.

Filling out the form does not mean you will qualify for assistance, and not filling out the form may keep you from receiving benefits.

The county anticipates most of, if not all, of the homes that were under evacuation notices will have received some flood damage to their home. They also say that even if you weren’t in the evacuation area, and your home was affected by flooding, that you could still receive some relief.

Homeowners should fill out and turn in these forms as quickly as possible to help speed-up the request process.

“It’s very important to get that in as quick as you can so that we don’t delay in getting that request in," says Office of Emergency Management Director Adriane Beck. "If we are eligible for what we would call and Individual Assistance Declaration from FEMA, which is where people who have experienced damage then may be eligible for financial assistance to recover from the flood personally."

The form is due by June 8 and is available by phone at 406-258-4636. The form can also be filled out online.