Missoula event spotlights importance of organ donations

Posted at 8:23 AM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 10:23:45-04

MISSOULA – Losing a loved one is a painful experience but through organ donation, that loss may very well be someone else’s second chance.

An event hosted by LifeCenter Northwest and SightLife on Sunday invited donor families and transplant recipients to come together and share experiences.

This year, they are celebrating the ripple effect, how one act of kindness can impact an entire community. The event was an opportunity for families to grieve their loss, celebrate their life and celebrate the new opportunities.

The Organ Donation Celebration featured speakers tell their stories of grief and survival. Transplant recipients for organ, eye and tissue spoke with the families of those that gave them a second chance at life…

Program manager Nicole Weiher says that this is an important step in the grief process.

"For this experience, people have lost someone in a very tragic, sad way. And I think that when you think about how donation plays into that we come to them in the darkest hour of their life," Weiher said.

"To be able to come together with people in a small community, like Missoula or even Western Montana, and have the ability to talk and share about that I think is part of the grief process, but also part of the celebration," she added.

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