Canadian man asks Great Falls for help finding stolen military medals

Posted at 2:23 PM, Jun 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 16:23:08-04

Shawn Harrison of Canada recently contacted KRTV with a request: during a trip to Great Falls last year, someone broke into his vehicle and stole several items. All  have since been recovered with one exception:

Good afternoon. This may be a long shot but here goes. I visited your beautiful city last August. What brought me to town was Shinedown playing at the State Fair. I did visit the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Centre and learned about all the great history of the area.

One thing tainted my visit and that was, I was victim to a vehicle break in. Most of the items taken have been replaced, except for my military service medals. I am a member of the Canadian Forces and had a rack of 4 medals taken.

It recently dawned on me to reach out on social media, but I live in a different country and know no citizens of Great Falls. Perhaps you would be kind enough to socialize this to the local population, and maybe just maybe whoever has them will feel compelled to return them.

Photo attached below. Thank you for your consideration on this. I realize that after almost a year this may be an ambitious plan. Thanks again.

If you have any information that will help get the medals back to Shawn, please email, and we will pass the information to him.