Missoula mayor begins 2019 budget process

Posted at 3:54 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 17:54:36-04

MISSOULA – As the City of Missoula begins developing the 2019 budget, they are doing things differently this year.

At Wednesday’s budget committee meeting, Mayor John Engen presented his strategic planning letter and discussion priorities for 2019.

Instead of conveying a preliminary budget based on a best guess as to taxable property revenues, the proposed budget will use data from a citizen survey, the public open house and a strategic plan in collaboration among staff and city council.

The city is expecting final revenue numbers from the Montana Department of Revenue in early August.

Among the priorities for the mayor is new police patrol officers, a new prosecutor for the city attorney’s office, park maintenance as well as adding staff to the streets department.

"I’ll recommend we fund two new employees in the street division along with making an existing part-time position into full-time," Engen said. "We’ll enhance our crews’ ability to maintain our transportation system. In addition we are planning to reorganization that will provide more flexibility and resources to our streets team."

A public hearing is scheduled for August 20, but there will be several budget committee meetings prior to the public hearing. 

For a list of dates you can go to the City of Missoula’s website.

You can click here to read the mayor’s letter to the community.