KPAX Country: Philipsburg gearing up for another busy summer

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 19:25:05-04

PHILIPSBURG – Philipsburg is heading into a busy time of year, with people coming from all over to experience this historic town.

KPAX’s Augusta McDonnell visited one local spot that’s becoming a destination for foodies and microbrew fans alike.

“I’ve noticed a trend of people travelling for consumables. Candy, beer, cheese, artisan locally-made products, is what people are really looking for," said Maddy Mason, outside sales rep. for Philipsburg Brewing Co. "And we get a lot of traffic from Montana, people that are looking for just a day trip or a weekend getaway, stay at a little hotel or airBNB and spend a couple nights drinking beer here and enjoying our little town."

Philipsburg Brewing Company is only six years old, but they they have a broad array of beers on tap, over a dozen at any given time. From amber to porter to stoutsand lagers. Here at the brewery, its not just about serving a great product. They like to build community with people that come from all over the place to Philipsburg. It’s about education, and teaching people about the beer that they’re drinking.

When taproom workers get questions about their products, there’s a lot to go over.

“We touch on hops, we touch on color, maltiness, sweetness, let them taste it," said taproom manager Maranda Williams. "Anyone can get a sample of anything they want before they commit to a pint as well.”

The company has expanded their reach by distributing their brews all over the state, and people are traveling to buy what they loved in a can, to experience they’re favorite on tap.

Blues, Brews & BBQ

This weekend, Philipsburg business are pulling out all the stops for their Blues, Brews & BBQ event, highlighting some of the best food and drinks they have to offer. 

Crowds are coming out for the food, drinks and music that will be on hand, and everyone is invited.

The festivities kick off at noon at Winninghoff Park in the downtown area.

At noon, music will start playing and beer will be available, with local breweries servings as well.

The public feed starts at 5 p.m. and live music wraps up at 6 p.m.

The River City Players and the Sweet Lillies bands will be performing, and they’re expecting their biggest year so far, with more breweries and more food. 

"People just show up and they decide if they want to drink beer, if they want to buy barbeque when it’s ready or they can do both, and it will be out on the main street here," Mason said. "So it’s new location, more breweries, and more cookers, so it’s gonna be a big year."