Film company started by MSU seniors sees international growth

Posted at 1:10 PM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 15:10:04-04

BOZEMAN – Two Montana State University seniors have their own film production company, and they have taken it to the next level.

MSU Film student and Egerton Crescent Productions (ECP) Owner Omar Parker said, “people are worried about the quality of the film and the picture and that’s fantastic but you need kind of both sides to it, so we have been able to offer a lot of things like financing help. Management, organization and accounting.”

The two MSU seniors have been providing those services to filmmakers since they established Egerton Crescent Productions in 2016.

The company took off at the beginning of this year at Sundance, which is the biggest film festival in the United States. They now do work at an international level.

“Working between so many different countries with the company we have built this network of people all over the world,” said MSU Photography student and ECP owner Charlie Burt. “We kind of get to see what this country is focusing on or what this country is focusing on, and then we work with them to bring the films to the US to then premiere them at Sundance, for instance.”

The business partners have been able to learn about many countries across the world, without even traveling to them.

“Doing business with them, there’s so many different cultures that you have to interact with and so many different business customs of, like, ‘Do you do small talk in the beginning, do not? What’s considered polite?’ It’s just things like that that defiantly take a learning curve here,” Parker said.

As the two MSU students and businessmen have been able to sit back and watch their success as undergrads, they plan to keep the company here in Bozeman even after graduation.

The two have grown to love the city of Bozeman and look forward to continuing to live here.

“Bozeman’s also really nice because the airport is 20 minutes from downtown so we can pretty much be anywhere in the world; within an hour’s notice we can be on a flight somewhere,” Burt said.

Looking towards the future, the two partners plan to continue to work on short films but also hope to break into bigger media platforms such as TV.