Flooding still impacting some USFS roads near Seeley Lake

Posted at 9:01 AM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 11:01:51-04

SEELEY LAKE – Floodwaters across much of Western Montana have receded, but their impact is still being felt on some roads in the Lolo National Forest.

Several roads on the Seeley Lake Ranger District are still experiencing impacts from flooding and remain closed.

  • Upper Beaver Finley road #9974 near Boles Meadow due to standing water on the road.
  • Morrell Mountain road #4365 due to culvert washout.
  • Grouse Creek road #4342 due to culvert washout.
  • Road #720 between Camp Creek road #685 and Richmond Ridge road #667 due to washout. 
  • Camp Road 36019.  Closed at the intersection with Road #4379.  Closed indefinitely until a new structure can be installed.

Road conditions can change quickly and Lolo National Forest spokesman Boyd Hartwig is asking folks to be careful when traveling on soft roads or roads that are compromised by debris flow or downed trees. 

In addition to road closure orders, some roads are experiencing maintenance, reconditioning, bridge work, and/or culvert replacement.  With few exceptions, the roads will remain passable for Forest visitors but delays up to two-to-four hours can be expected.  Additional, short-term road closures may be necessary for some larger infrastructure project work. 

“I recognize the impact some of the road closures and contract work have on our Forest visitors.  We appreciate the public’s cooperation while the work is completed," District Ranger Rachel Feigley said. "I encourage the public to call our office for up-to-date information on road status.”

Those traveling on forest roads should check the Lolo National Forest website, visit the Lolo National Forest Facebook page or contact the Seeley Lake Ranger District office at (406) 677-2233 for the latest information on road closures.