Students from MT church camp along Dearborn River evacuated

Posted at 10:19 AM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 12:19:05-04

Lewis & Clark County Search and Rescue officials are flying in to the Montana Wilderness School of the Bible on the Dearborn River southwest of Augusta to evacuate campers and staff who are stranded due to flooding.

There are 100 teenagers and 37 staff members at the camp which is operated by C Bar N Ministries.

Search and Rescue has coordinated with the Montana Air National Guard to use two Chinook helicopters for the mission.  They will deliver the camp attendees to Holman Aviation in Great Falls, where parents have been notified to come to pick them up.

Search and Rescue staff also will travel through the area on ATVs to offer residents and others in the area the opportunity to evacuate.

Lewis and Clark Co. Department of Emergency Services says the Sheriff’s Office will also have extra patrol in flooded areas of the Helena Valley to monitor traffic and ensure that motorists are obeying reduced speed limits.

The following roads are closed due the flooding in Lewis & Clark County:

  • MT Highway 200 — from MT Highway 279 (Flesher Pass Road) to US Highway 287 (Bowman’s Corner)
  • Secondary Highway 435 — at the Elk Creek and Smith Creek crossings.
  • Numerous county roads are closed, including Dearborn Canyon Road, High Bridge Road, Elk Creek Road, Smith Creek Road, Augusta-Clemons Road, Lovers Lane, and Eberl Lane.

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